Is Temu legit? What to know about this shopping app before you place an order

It depends on your definition of “legitimate.” Yes, most of the products on Temu are real, and you will receive them, but it could be weeks before they reach your doorstep, and they might look slightly different than they did on the website or be of lower quality than you expected.

However, Temu offers a $5 credit for packages purchased with standard shipping that arrived late. Temu will credit you $13 for packages purchased with express shipping that arrived late.

In other cases, the items can arrive on time, can be of decent or good quality, and can be exactly how they looked on Temu’s website. Product quality can be unpredictable, which is not so different from offerings on other online stores.

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If you receive your items and they don’t look like their online listing, or they arrive damaged, or they don’t arrive at all, your order is eligible for Temu’s Purchase Protection Program. This program guarantees your money back with a full refund if you return your items within 90 days of purchase.

Recently, Temu was accused by the US of potential data risks after its sister site, Pinduoduo, was suspended by Google for containing malware. But according to CNBC, analysts say Temu is far less of a threat and the risks associated with Pinduoduo were targeted at Chinese users.

Following his ban on TikTok, Montana governor Greg Gianforte accused Temu of being “tied to foreign adversaries” and banned the popular shopping app from state government-issued devices.