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Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower

Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe

Do you have an air fryer yet? Have you tried one? I finally gave in and purchased an Air Fryer after hearing over and over again about how amazing they are! Air Fryer Buffalo cauliflower is one of the first things we made with it (Actually, Avery made them and did an amazing job!), and I just HAVE to share the recipe with you. These things are so good! You can use any favorite buffalo wing sauce you like and just a few other ingredients to whip them up pretty quickly.

Avery did such a great job on these Air Fryer Cauliflower Wings!

Doesn’t the Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower look amazing!?!! They were so good!

Yes, these are super healthy and go right along with a vegan diet as well. BUT…even meat lovers will enjoy these as a wonderful side dish. Oh, don’t forget the ranch or Bleu Cheese dressing on the side & maybe some celery too!

What would you serve these with? They would go great alone as a snack/appetizer or joined up with a protein. Add a salad & some burgers or veggie burgers to round out the whole meal.

Which Air Fryer Do I Have?? Keep Reading!

Several of you have asked which air fryer I bought. I ended up getting the Breville Smart Oven and LOVE IT so far!! It makes healthier meal prep so much easier and less greasy and just so good! Also, as a big bonus, I love the fact that it has huge capacity for our big family, and it does so many other things besides air fry. I am all about consolidating appliances to save counter & shelf space for sure!

I got mine from Amazon here, but it looks like it’s no longer available. You can get it HERE from Williams & Sonoma though! It’s really cool because it’s also a regular oven & dehydrator, etc. You can fit a whole turkey in this bad boy!

If you just want an air fryer without all the bells & whistles though, try the Ninja Air Fryer for only $99 or the Dash Compact Air Fryer if you are cooking for 1 or 2 people!

Share Your Recipes, Please!

I would love to know what you guys make in your air fryer. Let me know if you have any good recipes we should try. I’m really excited that we finally got one, and I can’t wait to make more yummy dishes with it.

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Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower