WWE WrestleMania 39: Finn Balor injury update

Finn Balor was the victim of the most genuinely grim moment from WrestleMania 39. He returned to his ‘Demon’ gimmick for his clash with Edge in a Hell in a Cell match on night two in Los Angeles.

The SoFi stadium was treated to top tier entertainment on both nights. The Hell in a Cell is always a spectacle, and it certainly lives up to expectations. Both Superstars utilized the steel structure as well as the weapons underneath the ring in a brutal contest.


However, a spot didn’t quite go to plan when Edge brought out a ladder. He threw it at Finn Balor, taking him down in the process, however it was a little too real. The Demon Finn Balor suffered a genuine injury when his head was split open.

Edge splits open Finn Balor’s head with a ladder

There was blood everywhere in the ring after the spot, understandably so. Quickly, it was realized that Finn Balor was genuinely injured, so the match was paused as he received treatment. He was given the ok to continue, but the damage was done.

You could see after the clash, snaps emerged of his head cut open and he had clearly taken serious damage. Since then, Finn Balor himself has released an update on the injury. In a tweet, he revealed he needed 14 staples in his head.

He shared an image on Twitter of his head and it still looked gruesome, despite being treated, cleaned up and stapled back together. Accompanying that image, he posted a picture of his back as well, which had clearly taken a beating as well. You can see the aftermath for yourself below, although viewer discretion is advised, it isn’t a pleasant one!

Image: Finn Balor shares images of his injury from WrestleMania 39

Both Superstars put everything on the line and left everything out in the ring. Even after his injury, Finn Balor still took shots with a steel chair to his head. You can’t dispute his commitment to the business.

He didn’t get the win as The Demon, with Edge eventually pinning Finn Balor after a brutal encounter, so it remains to be seen if his gimmick of The Demon was a one-off for WrestleMania or if we’ll be seeing it on our screens more often.

You’d expect he will remain sidelined for a few weeks from performing while his head heals, although he’ll likely be fit for promotion still.