The Online Shop Phenomenon Sells Used Goods from Socks to Underpants without Washing

Social media is enlivened by the phenomenon of buying and selling used clothing from socks to used underwear (CDs) in online shops. Actually, this event has been happening for a long time. But now, on Twitter reappeared.

Seen on an account named @HailHisoka, hecapture in used goods that should not be sold in the online shop application.

Instead of being sold at low prices, sellers set prices starting from hundreds of thousands of Rupiah. Items being sold include used socks for personal use. The picture of the socks on display also looks like unwashed socks with full dirt on the soles.

The socks are sold at IDR 155,000. There are also used leg stockings priced at IDR 350,000.

The seller wrote a description that said the used items he had never used had never been washed, young people.

“Sent randomly, unwashed, smelly, never used, happy shopping,” wrote a review from one of the buyers.

The existence of this sale has made many netizens furious because why are used personal items even used CDs that have never been washed and are sold in online shops.

Profit Rp. 2 billion

Not only in Indonesia, phenomena like the one above have occurred abroad. A woman from London, England named Roxy Sykes once sold her used items in an online shop and made billions in profits.

Reporting from the Mirror, the 33-year-old woman earns around 100,000 pounds sterling or Rp. 1.9 billion a year because she sells the used socks she wears.

This woman who works as a property investor appreciates her dirty socks at IDR 392 thousand. He also sold his used shoes for £200 or Rp 3.9 million.

SecondhandBritish woman named Roxy Sykes sells used personal items on e-commerce sites (BALI NEWS)

Roxy is really interested in unique and unusual things. He saw this opportunity and used it to make money from the business he is currently running.

In 2020, Roxy has earned IDR 156 million in a month. The more successful his sales, he expanded his business from social media to websites because of the booming orders.

However, sales don’t always go smoothly. Roxy often gets criticism because people don’t like selling used goods.

Apart from Roxy, there was also a female dancer who took a job selling her used panties. Yaela Vonk sells her used underwear on the website OnlyFans.

SecondhandYaela Vonk, personal thrift seller on e-commerce site (PINTEREST)

On the Headlines page, the average buyer is fans who have enjoyed their sexy photo collections for a long time. He said, many are interested in buying underwear that is dirty, smelly and unwashed.

Hmm.. what do you think about this phenomenon, young people?