Lorraine Kelly sparks viewer complaints after making repeated on-air blunders

Lorraine Kelly has received complaints from viewers of her ITV show after repeatedly misgendering popstar Sam Smith during Thursday’s edition of the program.

The Scottish journalist was chatting to model Vogue Williams about the best fashion looks from the UK premiere of the Barbie film, which took place in Leicester Square on Wednesday evening, when she used the wrong pronouns for Sam Smith, who attended the red carpet wearing an over-sized sweatshirt and flared jeans.

While talking about the ‘Unholy’ singer, Lorraine referred to them as “he/him” rather than “they/them”. Watch the moment in the video below.

WATCH: Lorraine Kelly misgenders Sam Smith on ITV show

Taking to Twitter, viewers were quick to correct the 63-year-old, with one person writing: “Sam Smith is non-binary #lorraine,” while another wrote: “It’s they/them for Sam Smith – Vogue knows.”

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Reacting to the blunder, a third viewer tweeted: “I guess Lorraine didn’t get the memo about Sam Smith and their chosen pronouns, awkward.”

Sam Smith at Barbie premiere© Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock
Sam Smith attended the Barbie premiere red carpet on Wednesday

Other fans of the show expressed their disappointment at Lorraine’s error, with one person writing: “Not Lorraine misgendering Sam Smith over and over!! She’s normally pretty good with this stuff. Vogue looked visibly uncomfortable!!! And she seemed to be emphasizing THEY too for Lorraine to pick up on it but it didn’t work!! I’m sure she’ll be upset she got it wrong.”

Lorraine has long been considered an LGBTQ+ ally and frequently provides a platform for members of the community to share their stories on her program.

Speaking to Attitude back in 2021 about her show being “LGBTQ-inclusive”, she said: “The show’s got my name on it, so it has to reflect the values ​​I have.

Lorraine Kelly in a striped top on her show© Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock
Lorraine has long been an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community

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“We’ve always been like that. That’s what we try to do. Everybody gets treated exactly the sameand it’s important for us to break down barriers all the time.”

This isn’t the first time that Lorraine has received criticism from a viewer of her show in recent weeks.

Lorraine Kelly in a striped suit and green top© Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock
Lorraine has hosted her titular show since 2010

Taking to Twitter in June, one person claimed that Lorraine loved “everyone” who appeared on her programme, which she has hosted since 2010.

The post in question read: “Nothing to do with this. But you love everybody, every book, every song of people you have on your show.”

Lorraine was quick to fire back at the Twitter user. She retweeted the original post and wrote her response below it: “Well it would be a wee bit daft to have people on if you hated their work don’t you think?”

GMTV Presenters John Stapleton, Lorraine Kelly, Fiona Phillips, Penny Smith, Eamonn Holmes and Anne Davies©ITV/Shutterstock
Lorraine has been on our screens for over 30 years

The journalist’s followers were quick to show their support for the presenter, with one person writing: “Great come back Lorraine,” while another tweeted: “It’s very easy to be nasty, it’s not as easy to be nice. Which is why I listen to nice people like you.”

Lorraine has amazed a legion of fans over the years, having been on our TV screens since 1984. She has worked on shows such as GMTV and This Morningand, later, Daybreak. Her titular show launched in 2010 and runs immediately after Good Morning Britain and before This Morning each day.