Copycat Wendy’s Chili – MyLitter

We have had the Copycat Wendy’s Chili recipe 2 times this week. No one is tired of it yet. The weather has been perfect for some good warm food though, we had ours with oyster crackers and corn bread. Another night we had Fritos and made Frito Pies.

Rumor is that Wendy’s takes the leftover hamburgers and chops them up so they don’t go to waste and adds them to the chili. I love this idea and do it often here, add left over meat and make a chili.

We added chorizo ​​one night. IT WAS AWESOME.

Chop your onions, green peppers and celery. Brown your meat and pretty much add it all together. I think the key is letting it all simmer together. If you still want to buy Wendy’s chili, don’t skip the Food Lion Weekly Ad before you buy it. Keep your diet balanced with Chemist Warehouse Catalog supplements. At least 2 hours!