Benefits of an Indoor Kiosk in Family Fun Centers

How Family Fun Centers can benefit from indoor kiosk solutions

Technology in the family fun center industry is the key to a successful business model, smooth processes and a memorable guest experience.

Regardless if you are an indoor fun center, arcade, bowling alley, skating rink, or other type of family fun center, the technology possibilities are endless when you incorporate an indoor kiosk solution into your business. Explore the top three benefits of a kiosk application that can bring fun to your family.

1. Labor Optimization

With nationwide labor shortages, you need to be able to utilize the staff you have. But how are you able to accomplish this if your technology needs hand-holding throughout every transaction?

Guests are capable of more than one may think of them without the help of a staff member. An indoor kiosk solution empowers guests to manage their own check-ins, ticketing and ordering, freeing up staff to be used elsewhere throughout your facility.

With self-service indoor kiosk solutions to manage payments, staff can help guests make more memorable experiences than just swiping a credit card or bagging a souvenir.

Where To Place Your Family Fun Center Staff

Some may wonder where they can position their staff to be the most profitable for the business. It completely depends on the type of family fun center you are and where you feel you can strengthen your guests’ experience.

Some solutions to this question are to move your staff to:

  • Running food orders: Eliminate the guest’s need to get up from their table. With a busy day full of fun activities, have them sit and enjoy a moment of relaxation and rest while waiting for their food order.
  • Stocking retail shelves: No guest wants to go to your on-premises store and see the souvenirs they want out of stock. Keep all your retail goods available at all times with quick-stocking employees.
  • Operating attractions: Ensure your guests are safe while they are in your facility. Have excess staff operating or surveying your attractions to keep everyone in your family entertainment center safe.
  • Helping guests throughout the center: You want your guests to know exactly where everything is and get their questions answered as quickly as possible. Staff your information desk with the right people to get the guests educated on your facility and out to the fun in seconds.

All of these are valuable areas to utilize your staff members while your indoor kiosk is taking care of the routine tasks with guests.

2. Shrink Wait Times

Regardless if it is at the check-in counter, buying a souvenir, or getting water and fries, you can always save your guests time by implementing an indoor kiosk solution.

The main demographic of a family fun center is looking to bring in children between the ages of 8-14 and their parents. Children within this age range can be impatient and have shorter attention spans. When having to wait in line for more than a few minutes, they can become upset, anxious, and turn their attention elsewhere, causing frustration and stress on the side of the parents.

By implementing an indoor kiosk solution you can increase the number of check-in, ticketing, ordering, and checkout stations throughout your family fun center. This allows the lines to be split up and move faster so guests can get back to the fun.

3. Upsell Memorable Activities Right at the Indoor Kiosk

Indoor kiosks are a great way to display advertisements and information throughout your facility. By setting up screens that can upsell and promote various elements of your business, you can increase your profits without having to add additional signage or staff. Indoor kiosk solutions are a great option to upsell on items like:

  • additional attractions
  • sister facilities
  • Special events
  • Discounts
  • Membership programs
  • And more

Families come to your fun center to make memories. So why not help them make memories now, while using your indoor kiosk advertisement screen to help them discover their next adventure as well!


As a family fun center, your main goal is to create a safe and fun environment for people to come enjoy their time and make memories as a group. Help your guests make the most of their visit by implementing the right indoor kiosk technologies to get them out of long lines and into the fun faster.

By implementing the right family fun center kiosk solutions you can turn your business into a place to make great memories without the wait.