Appear More Fashionable with Official Honda Scoopy Accessories and Apparel

JAMBERITA.CPM – The New Honda Scoopy comes with the latest design and color choices that make the appearance even more unique and attract the attention of scooter lovers in Jambi.

PT Sinar Sentosa Primatama (Sinsen) General Manager Service & Part (Sinsen) Erwin Susanto said the New Honda Scoopy comes with colors that emphasize more fashionable styles, of course, more stunning with official accessories which will certainly make your favorite Scoopy look even more attractive and can create a unique character for its users. .

New Honda Scoopy is equipped with 8 choices of official accessories, including Garnish Air Cleaner, Garnish Cover Muffler, Garnish Fan Cover, Garnish Headlight, Garnish Panel Meter, Garnish Tail Light, Seat Cover and Step Floor.

Apart from accessories, there are also accessories to accompany Honda Scoopy lovers such as jackets, T-shirts, helmets and hats of course at affordable prices.

“Jackets are priced at Rp. 392,000, T-shirts are priced at Rp. 153,000, helmets are priced at Rp. 299,000, and hats are priced at Rp. 102,000 only,” said Victor, Head of the TDM Bangko Honda Dealer Branch.

Following are the price details for the official accessories for the New Honda Scoopy 2023:

1. Garnish Air Cleaner Rp. 91 thousand.

2. Garnish Cover Muffler Rp. 169 thousand.

3. Garnish Fan Cover Rp. 91 thousand.

4. Garnish Headlight IDR 150,000.

5. Garnish Panel Meter Rp. 134 thousand.

6. Garnish Tail Light IDR 150,000.

7. Seat Cover Rp. 180 thousand.

8. Step Floor Rp. 310 thousand.

“Make your appearance even cooler and more fashionable with accessories as well as the New Honda Scoopy Apparel, which you can get at Authorized Honda motorcycle dealers across Jambi Province,” concluded Erwin.

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