Veira Group to manufacture India’s first 75″ Mini LED Google TV with Nano cell technology

Veira Group, India’s largest ODM for Smart TVs, has obtained the Mini LED TV Nano-cell technology to manufacture large Size 75″ Google TV screens for the Indian market and internally. The move marks yet another step forward in Veira’s journey to incorporate cutting-edge features and technologies into all its products, achieving numerous firsts in the Indian market. The innovation aims to create an intuitive TV experience that caters to new Indian customers. The Smart TVs will be manufactured in its new expansive manufacturing facility in Phase 2, Noida, which will include a specialized assembly line for this technology.

Veira proposes manufacturing over 10,000 Mini LED Google TVs in India using Nanocell technology. The Mini LED TVs have a 4K nanocell resolution and a brightness of more than 700 Nits. Furthermore, the Nanocell TVs include the most recent Dolby solutions like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. The smart TV will deliver immersive multidimensional sound at 40W. Overall, a powerful combination that provides a more realistic movie-watching experience.

The first 75″ Mini LED Google TV in India raises the bar for Smart TVs. Sharan Maini, Director of Operations at Veira Group, said, “As one of the largest & oldest ODMs for manufacturing smart TVs, we at Veira understand the pulse and needs of the evolving Indian audience. The Indian market is shifting towards premium content paired with a premium viewing experience on a larger screen, with digital content and OTT becoming increasingly appealing to Indian consumers. Recognizing this, we are pleased to be the first ODM to obtain Mini LED TV Nano-cell technology to the Indian Consumer.

“Veira is preparing its infrastructure and R&D facilities to fulfill the requirements apart from making Indian manufacturers at par with the international ones to compete at the global stage.” he further adds.

Veira recently announced that it had begun producing and manufacturing Web OS Hub 2.0 Smart TVs for the Indian Smart TV market, as well as Linux-based Coolita 2.0 solutions.