Utilization of Online Shops for the sake of Realizing the Welfare of MSME Actors

ONLINE SHOP is a digital transaction process such as distribution, service, sales, purchases online, in other words, these transactions use the convenience of the internet for business activities. And there are still many possibilities for the latest innovations from using online shops.

Author: Fara Dita Yulanda Putri

Accounting Student at University of Muhammadiyah Malang

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have the highest role in building the Indonesian economy. MSMEs are able to survive in the midst of Indonesia which is almost experiencing a crisis by utilizing local resources, human resources (HR), raw materials in the surrounding environment.

There are many breakthroughs that can be obtained from the development of technology at this time, one of which is the convenience of shopping anywhere and anytime and can be accessed by all people, online shop services are activities that we often encounter today. What used to be that when we all made transactions we had to meet face to face, now it’s made easy only through gadgets and other internet devices.

Several factors that support online shops to continue to grow are the existence of the internet which is accessible to all groups. By typing in the item you want to buy or searching for an online web store, everything is in order. On various social media, we also often find online shops that are very cheap with lots of goods being sold.

Since there was an online shop, the interest of the younger generation in entrepreneurship has certainly increased drastically, the practicality factor in carrying out buying and selling activities has made the business prospects continue to increase from year to year.

The big, very promising opportunity from this business has made entrepreneurial enthusiasts increase dramatically because this business does not have to be tied to a large company and can be done independently.

More than that, this business creates a wider social network between sellers and buyers, of course this opportunity is very good if it is made for the development of MSMEs.

The online shop has a very good effect for MSME entrepreneurs, work productivity increases quickly as well as income earned every month. It is hoped that the government will provide ongoing socialization and training to existing MSME actors so that human resources are able to face challenges and be able to compete in online business so that economically independent is realized properly.

MSMEs today create a lot of new jobs, MSMEs have easy work flexibility compared to large companies, MSMEs are expected to make a positive contribution to various problems in the Indonesian economy.

Currently, MSMEs have to evolve further, which previously only provided shops offline, now they also have to be able to take advantage of online media as a place for buying and selling transactions. Today’s Indonesian citizens prefer to use online media to make transactions because it is easier, therefore MSMEs, in order to survive, must be able to keep up with the times.

Today’s online shop is not only used by the people of big cities, but has entered all corners of the village. Today, mobile phones and other internet devices have also entered villages so that the introduction of MSME online shops is easier, because in the online shop there is cooperation between MSME workers and e-commerce owners. More than that, with online media, we can introduce MSMEs owned by the people around us to all corners of the world.

The effectiveness of using online shops in all fields certainly still needs many breakthroughs, there are several things to improve the economic development of MSMEs by developing local platforms that work with local governments to increase local products then assisting the Cooperative Service to regional MSMEs and increasing MSME actors to be more proactive to conduct buying and selling transactions both offline and online.

Editor: Lassarus Samosir, SE