Top Tips For Caring For Your Clothes

Buying clothes makes you feel great, and why shouldn’t it? You’ve worked hard, now you can treat yourself to something nice. There is nothing wrong with this, but once you have worn it a couple of times, you put it in your wardrobe and forget about it because it looks worn and not as good as it first did. Clothing is a hugely important part of many lives, but it is also destroying our planet. Fast fashion and poorly made clothes end up in landfills, so the first tip to look after your clothes is to buy better quality so it lasts a normal time, rather than a couple of washes. In this article, we will go through some of the top tips for caring for your clothes.

Read The Labels

This may sound obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people just put a 30° wash and hope for the best. No, this results in clothes losing colour or texture and it definitely doesn’t maintain the current structure of your clothes. Read the labels, they are there for a reason. Some items may need dry cleaning only or other items may need to be washed individually because they are delicate such as tracksuits.

Always Have Your Laundry Sorted

If you put all of your colours, darks and whites all in the same wash, have you noticed that none of your clothes come out the same colour or quality? This is because when you put your clothes for a wash, they are all combined with each other which transfers colour, especially if you put it on a hot wash as this will also result in shrinking your clothes.

Pre-treat Your Stains

Stains are called stains for a reason, some come out easily, others take some time and others are just a complete write-off. If you have stained your clothes, pre-treat them before putting them in the wash so that you can remove as much of the stain as possible. There are a lot of old wives’ tales that do a very good job, but if you are struggling to find any that work, the simplest is the best. Take the item of clothing and rub some detergent powder into the stain with warm water and then put it in the wash. If you find any stain remover, put this in your wash to enhance the results further.

Iron With Care

If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, nobody really irons their clothes anymore. With more materials being manufactured and creases being the least of people’s worries, it is however a must for those special occasions or is wearing formal wear. Due to occasionwear being better quality, the best option is to steam iron your clothes. This helps with clothing with accessories. A steam iron enables you to remove creases from a range of different materials including streetwear for men with athleisure materials. 

There are many methods for looking after your clothes in your wardrobe, but if you follow these simple steps, you will have much better clothing that lasts much longer. If you are wanting to keep your clothes better for longer, it is always best to buy quality and not fast fashion items. 

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