The Best POS System for Retail Operations

Every retail store is different; therefore, you need the best POS system that works for your individual needs. This can sometimes be tough unless you’re willing to go to multiple vendors, but no one ever really wants to deal with an abundance of providers if they can get everything from one source.

Being able to build out your perfect retail tech stack with the right hardware that suits your exact needs should be easy. Let’s explore the different elements you could put into your retail store and why you might want to include them.

All-In-One Stations

An all-in-one (AIO) is usually a fixed checkout station that sits on a counter. This is the most traditional form of retail technology and can seem like the best POS system for your business if you are looking for consistency for shoppers. Your checkout will always be in an exact same location unless you have the AIO setup on a mobile cart. Additionally, your staff can be trained quickly on the technology if they have a previous retail background and know the layout of a traditional AIO.

However, this solution may not work best for your business if you are trying to fit into a tight space. While nowadays, AIO units are not as big and bulky as they used to be, they still take up a decent amount of space as they need to sit on some type of countertop. In addition, most AIOs do not have a wall or floor mounting option, so unless you have a designated checkout space, this option may not be ideal for your business.

Mobile Tablets

Tablets come in many shapes, sizes, and with a variety of peripherals. This technology is the best POS system to help in the busy season when your staff simultaneously needs to handle line busting, inventory management, and sales floor support. Your team can take the tablet on the go to be as efficient as possible. plus, 54% of businesses have used mobile POS for transaction processing. So you can checkout customers on the move to avoid long lines or checkout counter space that could be better utilized for inventory displays.

On the other hand, you may have trouble manning the tablets if you’re having a staffing shortage, like many in the industry are. While you may not be able to have as many people on the floor with mobile tablet POS systemsthis device can help you overcome the shortage by arming your staff with the ability to multitask while on the sales floor.

ruggedized tablets

Self-Serve Kiosks

The last technology you could bring into your tech stack is the Kiosk solution. These provide the best of every POS option. Offer your shoppers an experience where they can take control of their purchases and look up items as they go. A few benefits to implementing kiosks into your retail operations are:

  • Labor shortage – If you are short on staff, you can “employ” customers by having them check themselves out at the end of their shopping experience. Additionally, decrease wait time – checkout lines tend to have a smooth flow when customers are able to check themselves out with an associate close by if assistance is needed.
  • Increase upsellingg – As kiosks are placed throughout the store, you can promote up or cross-sell products. As one item is plugged into the lookup, you can offer a recommendation of other items people have purchased with said lookup item.

Kiosks also offer a variety of layouts that can best help your retail space. For example, orient your screen horizontally or vertically based on the amount of product information that needs to be pulled up on the screen. Or mount your kiosk to a countertop, floor, or wall based on the space available in your store.

A downside to this solution is that not all customers may want to check themselves out. You may have a customer here and there that prefers to have the full, traditional shopping experience with sales assistance from beginning to end.

Best Of All Worlds

So how can you please all customers, regardless of your staff size or store space? Mix and match what works best for you and your business.

By combining different hardware to build out the best POS system for your business, you can improve your processes, make your staff more efficient, and in the end, become a more profitable retail store. If you need two stationary AIOs for those traditional customers, a kiosk in the center of the store to help with lookups, and three tablets to help assist your staff’s efficiency, then that should be the tech stack you put together. Your business is unique, don’t standardize to just one POS solutions