Silicon Mountain Invests in Four Pillarhouse Selective Solder Systems

Silicon Mountain, a leading electronics manufacturing company, has upgraded its selective soldering department with four new selective solder systems from Pillarhouse International. The company continues to invest to maintain the flexibility, quality, and necessary turnaround to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Silicon Mountain’s selective solder through-hole systems position its clients for success. The company reduces the risks of thermal shock and excessive flux contamination inherent to traditional systems. Silicon Mountain’s through-hole systems handle fragile displays easily. They allow components to be placed onto PCBs, panels, or other assemblies without disturbing nearby surface-mount technology (SMT) components. Silicon Mountain offers clients the speed and flexibility of its systems to help achieve repeatable success in their competitive markets.

“With this investment, we are enhancing our selective soldering capabilities and reinforcing our commitment to delivering the highest-quality electronic components to our customers,” Clint Roehr, Project Manager at Silicon Mountain. “This acquisition is a significant step forward for Silicon Mountain, and we are excited about the opportunities it will bring.”

The Pillarhouse International Orissa Synchrodex is a modular selective soldering system designed to eliminate the need for hand soldering. The first module in the line is equipped with a precision drop jet fluxer and upper and lower preheat modules. The next two modules have bottom side preheat, a drop jet fluxer, and solder pot/pump/nozzle setups.

The preheat helps with flux activation and raises the board temperature for better solder flow and reduced dwell time on the solder joints. All machines incorporate fiducial correction for increased accuracy. Having two soldering modules allows the soldering program to be split for increased flexibility and efficiency.

Silicon Mountain provides a wide range of services, whether it is prototyping for startups or high-volume manufacturing. Regardless of the service, the company aims for high quality and quick turnaround.