Return of Cinema & Movie Theater POS System

How Movie Theater POS Systems Can Improve Your Operations

From coast to coast, movie theater marquee signs are lighting up again trumpeting the newest releases and favorites returning to the big screen. The cinema is mounting a comeback after two years and counting of rules and restrictions that punted film-going down the totem pole of consumer priorities. Now theater operators are figuring out how to reopen and run their businesses with new safety protocols that don’t get in the way of the escapist fun that makes a trip to the movies so memorable.

But if there’s one thing we’ve all learned throughout the pandemic, it’s that disruptions don’t end on our schedule. That means it’s more critical than ever to seek out industry-leading solutions putting your theater in a stronger position to revive your profits and meet future challenges head on. There’s no time like the present to invest in cinema management software with the tools you need to overcome today’s hurdles and stay ready for whatever’s around the bend.

Contactless Solutions

Want a quick way to show patrons you’re serious about putting their health and safety first? Fill your theater with purpose-built technology that caters to their desire for distance and also puts them firmly in the driver’s seat. There’s a reason self-service kiosks are cropping up everywhere and growing by 6.5% annually over the next five years. With an array of sizes and form factors to choose from, you can select the self-service kiosks that best fits your space, giving customers a fast and easy way to pay for and print out their own tickets, no face-to-face interaction required.

Also consider arming your staff with movie theater software on sturdy, rugged tablets they can use to quickly assist customers with ticket purchases. This approach not only reduces length lines but can also give customers more time to buy the bucket of buttery popcorn that pads your bottom line, and without them worrying about making it to their seats before the opening credits scroll by.

Keep health safety a priority by redeploying staff from their “main duties” to sanitize your facilities in the lull between showings. By making your cleaning efforts highly visible, customers will know you’re doing everything in your power not just to stay compliant but to make preserving their health your top priority.

FEC eBooksKeep People Informed

Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve seen no end to the fits and starts with health restrictions and protocols. With regulations changing from one day to the next, it’s no wonder some consumers aren’t sure about which rules they have to follow at any given moment. Help your patrons stay in the know now that nearly 80% of Gen Z adults and almost as many millennials feel good about taking their seats in front of the silver screen. To keep their confidence going, put your movie theater POS system to work by adding digital signage that clearly broadcasts up-to-the minute intel that goes beyond the basics of showtimes, trailers and concession-stand deals. Prominently display these attention-getting screens so your guests won’t miss out any of the latest policies and procedures everyone’s expected to follow.

Your theater manager will welcome the addition of cutting-edge digital signage, too. They’ll be happy to abandon the tedious, old-school process of individually updating each sign and eager to use your movie theater POS system to make one change that populates every screen in your building.

Encouraging Loyalty

Adopting the latest and greatest movie theater software comes with serious upsides for your business. Switching to a self-service ticket platform means customers have to input their email address, which you can then leverage for marketing messages, loyalty and more. Foster closer ties with patrons by telling them about new releases they might enjoy based on their viewing history. Or if it’s been a while since they last showed up, shoot them a reminder tuned to their interests. It might be all the encouragement they need to make the trip and enjoy some movie magic.

Even though the pandemic is billed as a once-in-a-lifetime event, there’s no telling what other bumps we’ll run into down the road. If there’s anything to be learned from this ongoing bout of industry-shaking disruption, it’s that you can never be too prepared when it comes to pivoting to Plan B. Set yourself up for success by putting the tools in place to weather the next storm that blows through. A best-in-class movie theater POS system has all the features you need to provide a leading customer experience and put people at ease with the idea of ​​summing up their cinema-going habits. If you’re thinking about how you can improve your business, consider how technology can give you a leg up and serve film lovers for years to come.

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