Paige VanZant shows some of her favorite supplements

bare knuckle boxer paige vanzant in instagram selfie september 2022
Paige VanZant keeps herself healthy and fit with workouts, diets and a variety of wellness products. Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

Paige VanZant is known for many different careers in the sports and entertainment worlds, including mixed martial arts, bare-knuckle boxing, and professional wrestling.

All of those, in addition to her needing to look fantastic and fit for social media, have spent plenty of time at the gym, ensuring she eats right and uses the right supplements.

The 28-year-old recently gave fans a quick rundown of some of the wellness products that she incorporates into her health regimen.

In her video clip, the blonde beauty kept her minimal outfit, as she wore a white sports bra with her arms and midsection revealed. Based on the clip, she also appears to be wearing dark leggings and mentions she’s about having a workout session.

Wearing several thin necklaces and with her hair brushed back, a smiling VanZant stood in her kitchen behind an array of supplement containers sitting on her counter.

“Kickstarting the new year with my favorite wellness line, BodyMelt,” Paige wrote in part of her caption, also directing followers to check out their website.

Paige VanZant reveals favorite supplements

Along with working out and keeping an eye on her diet, Paige VanZant uses various health supplements as part of her overall health and wellness routine.

In her latest video clip, she shared that all of the products came from BodyMelt, “an amazing plant-based wellness line with natural ingredients.”

VanZant explained that the various products can help individuals build lean muscle and suppress appetite, and they are also “yummy” supplements.

Among the items VanZant shared was liquid collagen, with her turning around a bit to reveal her hair had “gotten extremely long.” She mentioned that women generally use the product, but men can also take it if they want to enjoy the benefits of collagen.

She also revealed she was about to have some of BodyMelt’s citrus punch pre-workout because she was about to head to the gym. The pre-workout helps give an energy boost to those who need a kickstart ahead of a workout session.

VanZant concluded by saying they also offer protein powder after that grueling gym session to help make gains or stay lean.

She mentioned in her IG post’s caption that fans and followers could head to a specific “pvzBodyMelt” website to see the various products and prices. Plus, VanZant suggested that everyone “check out their incredible affiliate program.”

The affiliate program likely helps VanZant earn extra revenue in addition to its other online income sources. While it’s unknown how much she earns overall, it could be quite a bit based on her background in combat sports and 3.2 million followers on Instagram.

VanZant training after injury with BKFC status unknown

Last month, Monsters and Critics reported about VanZant’s foot injury, which revealed she suffered while jumping in a bikini outside in the snow at night. At the time, VanZant suggested via her Instagram Stories that she might have suffered three broken bones in her feet.

Since that injury, she hadn’t said much more about it. She also hadn’t been showing much as far as training videos, as she was likely staying off her foot and recovering. However, a new video popped up on her IG, which starts with VanZant in the gym, seated on the floor wearing a gray t-shirt and leggings.

As a background song plays, VanZant pulls down a bar at a machine to work on his back muscles. The scene shifts to her doing bent-over rows with weight on a barbell, followed by work as she stands with a medicine ball in hand.

Based on the clip’s caption, VanZant was getting this workout session in at Just LIFT Studios in Coral Springs, Florida.

The bare-knuckle boxing star was said to have another matchup in February for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) against an opponent yet to be announced. However, the status of the fight is currently unknown based on VanZant’s injury situation.

According to an MMA Mania report in December, BKFC president Dave Feldman said the plan was to have VanZant at an event called Knucklemania in February. He said he’s still welcome to VanZant returning for another matchup but isn’t sure if he will, mentioning he has other lucrative ventures outside of BKFC.

“If she wants to come back, she’s welcome, but we don’t know for sure if she’s coming back. She does have a place here. We’ll see shortly,” Feldman said, indicating they were in talks with her manager.

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