3 Tips To Manage Retail Recruits

It’s almost that time of year again: the holiday season brings a flurry of increased retail sales, inevitably followed by a barrage of returns. While US retail sales have been growing, so has the rate of returned goods. According to

Adidas Originals – GRASIE MERCEDES

Photography by Azusa Takano

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I’ve always been a major fan of adidas Originals, which is why I was so stoked to receive these new Supercourt sneakers! They have a vintage

Barney the purple dinosaur is back and he has a new look

New York

Barney is back, and while Mattel has not officially confirmed it, we’re guessing he still loves you.

Toy giant Mattel (MAT) announced Monday that Barney, the friendly (and, let’s be honest, cringe-worthy to a large group

Sourdough Shop Finds New Homes In Oakdale

Not even a month after a ‘soft opening’ on the east side of Oakdale, new business Sourdough & Co. has had no problem roping the crowds of people in.

Husband and wife owners and Manteca natives David Niemoeller and Kara

Levi Strauss Co (LEVI) Q4 earnings 2022

A pair of Levi’s selvedge denim jeans arranged in Louisville, Kentucky.

Luke Sharrett | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Levi Strauss on Wednesday posted earnings and revenue that topped Wall Street’s expectations.

Shares of the company rose in after-hours trading as