Online shop imports wearable heirlooms for kids

Wild Wawa, an Encinitas-based online children’s shop, is importing handmade, wearable heirlooms all the way from Peru.

“The artisanal craft makes it so much more special to have something handmade,” said Wild Wawa’s co-founder Micaella Basham. “It’s not something that can be easily copied or mass produced. It’s special that you can feel the love in each stitch.”

Translating to “wild baby” in Quechua, the native language spoken in the Peruvian Andes, the line of children’s wear traces back to 2016, when Basham and her mom, Marina Gunther, launched the brand, inspired by Basham’s baby girl, Valentina.

Borrowing from their family’s Peruvian heritage, Basham and Gunther teamed up with local women in Lima, Peru — where Gunther still lives — who created the beautiful garments by hand.

Gunther, an experienced creative in the kid’s fashion industry, launched her first line of children’s clothing, Victoria Kids, over 20 years ago and has known the women working with Wild Wawa for years.

She, Basham and another daughter, Carolina Arrieta, help produce and market the one-of-a-kind playful rompers, quilted sets, dainty dresses, embroidered pieces and accessories for children ages 6 months to 8 years. Some of the brand’s most popular items have included custom hand-embroidered tutus, perfect for birthdays and special occasions, that are meant to be kept as heirlooms or passed on to future generations.

In the summer, the company plans to release Sunny Sets Drop, a colorful California-inspired collection of matching sets for mom and child.

While all items are sold online, Wild Wawa has previously hosted a pop-up shop at Del Mar’s One Paseo mall. The brand also has a free online rewards program called Wawa Mamas Club.

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Roxana Becerril is a freelance writer.