More dangerous skin products seized in Calgary

Health Canada is warning the public to stop using several skincare products sold by a Calgary company, saying they contain ingredients that can pose serious health risks.

Officials seized the unauthorized skin lightening products from Calgary warehouses and removed them from online sales.

The products are from Brilliant Skin Essentials’ Brilliant Rejuv line, including the Brilliant Rejuv Set, Topical Solution (Toner) and Topical Cream.

All of the products contain tretinoin, a prescription drug used to treat acne. Health Canada warns it should not be used during pregnancy as it has been associated with birth defects.

“Tretinoin may cause pain, irritation, itching, redness, or swelling at the site of application. It may damage skin, change skin color, and increase sensitivity to sunlight or tanning beds, causing sunburns,” reads a statement on Health Canada’s website.

All of the products also contain hydroquinone, a prescription drug when it is greater than a two per cent concentration and a natural health product at a concentration of two per cent and under.

“Side effects include skin reactions such as redness, dryness, cracked skin, burning, stinging, peeling, itching, increased sensitivity to sunlight, sunburn, blisters and scarring,” says Health Canada.

“It may cause skin discolouration (ie, blue or black discolouration or white patches or spots) that, in some cases, can be disfiguring. In laboratory animals, it has been associated with cancer after long-term exposure.”

Health Canada says to stop using the product and talk to your doctor if you have concerns.

The products were seized from Dorton’s Online shop. yyc on March 6 and were also removed from Kausch International Goods earlier this month.

For more information on the products, you can visit Health Canada’s website.