Metro Jaya Police: Electronic Ticketing Boosts Public Trust

TEMPO. CO, JakartaThe Metro Jaya Police traffic director senior commissioner Latif Usman on Tuesday said the electronic traffic law enforcement (ETLE) has contributed to improving public trust towards the police institution.

Thanks to technological adoption, traffic police officers no longer stop vehicles for traffic violations, and in Usman’s view would reduce resentment against traffic police.

“Resentments against police members will continue to happen, which is why the ETLE has contributed to increasing public trust towards us,” Usman said during a hearing with the Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD Jakarta) Commission B members on January 24.

The Metro Jaya Police has installed static and mobile ETLE cameras in 57 areas under its jurisdiction, which will be increased to 70 static ETLEs for the third phase of installment. However, he acknowledged that the lack of law enforcement officers in the field had paved the way for an increase in certain types of traffic violations.

“A phenomenon where people removed their number plates or faked their number plates emerged following the ETLE [enactment],” said Latif Usman.


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