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Self-service has been steadily gaining popularity among customers and business owners alike in recent years. For customers, it offers convenience, shorter wait times, and greater control over their experiences, increasing satisfaction. For business owners, the use of self-service kiosks can be a way to combat ongoing labor shortages and even create the most of limited space, particularly with a wall mounted kiosk. Self-service is a trend that will stick around.

Kiosks are versatile tools with a wide range of applications — from travel, hotel, and healthcare office check-ins to restaurant and retail checkouts. Each industry has different needs, but they can all benefit from adding wall-mounted kiosks to their tech lineup.


For restaurants, the benefits of a wall mount kiosk include increased ticket sizes and higher customer satisfaction. Consumers’ ordering habits change when they are using a kiosk. They tend to order more: their average spend increases by 12-20%, even as high as 30%. One reason is that the kiosk never forgets to upsell or offer deals, combos, and add-ons. In addition, people placing their own orders feel more comfortable ordering what they really want, without the social anxiety of being judged or rushed.

Kiosk menus also have the space to display more complete product and nutrition information than a print or board menu. This option is more inclusive for customers with dietary restrictions; they can review the ingredients without fear of holding up the line with questions or feeling rushed to order.

Another way that kiosk wall mount solutions for restaurants increase customer satisfaction is by streamlining the ordering process, resulting in shorter wait times and improved accuracy. Order input goes straight from the customer to the kitchen, eliminating the “middleman” of a cashier or waiting staff and thus reducing the chances for order details to be lost or errors to be introduced. When the kiosk is paired with a kitchen display system, the kitchen staff can route and complete the orders in a more timely and efficient manner, boosting customer happiness with speed of service.

POS configuration toolRetail

Like restaurants, retail establishments can also increase revenue with wall mounted kiosk. In stores, the kiosk can serve as an information display, enabling customers to do their own price checks, look up product information or location in the store (“Fishing lures are on Aisle 5 of the sporting goods section”), or even check inventory status at other locations (“Does the downtown store have this sweater in my size?”). With the kiosks available to answer many of the requests for basic information, the staff is freed up to attend to other areas of the customer experience and provide more personalized service.

As with restaurants, retailers can use kiosk wall mounts to provide self-service checkouts. Customers can avoid long lines and gain greater control over their shopping experience. The convenience and availability of self-checkout reduces the number of cart abandonments by people unwilling to wait on long lines.

Wall-mounted kiosks can also be an ideal space saver for tighter floor plans. Having them set on the wall means you don’t have to worry about finding excess floor or counter space for the systems, only enough room for customers to place their purchased items. The wall mount makes room on the counter for other, more profitable displays instead of checkout hardware — seasonal merchandise and “impulse buys,” for example.

Family Entertainment and Attraction Venues

From bowling alleys and skating rinks to amusement parks and indoor fun centers, all types of family entertainment venues can use kiosk wall mounts to improve the guest experience.

Kiosks can streamline the ticketing and check-in processes, which keeps the admission lines moving along, allows guests to get themselves ready, and frees up staff to attend to other areas of creating memorable customer experiences.

Suppose your venue includes retail (such as souvenirs, photos, gift shops, or equipment rentals) and food locations. In that case, self-service kiosks will provide the same benefits as other restaurant or retail businesses, including increased revenue and efficiency.

Finally, wall-mounted kiosks can also be utilized to provide digital signage. They can display information ranging from venue rules and regulations to event details and advertisements. Again, the wall mount frees up floor space for more revenue-generating entertainment content.

It’s time to read the writing on the wall

Regardless of the industry you’re in, implementing wall-mounted kiosks will enable you to streamline processes, reallocate staff (and save on labor costs), maximize use of space, reduce wait times, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. Explore the possibilities of kiosks in your business today.