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We all know today’s customers are built differently. The definition of a perfect shopping experience is changing for everyone. Many customers want interaction while they are shopping, but that doesn’t always mean interacting with other people. Since most of your customers spend a large portion of their day interacting with technology, they are increasingly accustomed to and expecting technology to assist them even when they are shopping in person.

Kiosks are an excellent tool to give your customers the augmented experience they want by efficiently communicating key, personalized information. In most cases, retailers find that providing this for their customers can help to increase sales.

H2: Enhance the Customer Experience

The advantage of shopping online is that shoppers have access to a lot of information. Customers still want the same access even when they shop in a physical store. Interactive kiosks strategically positioned throughout your retail space are the best way to give your customers that connected experience.

What does this look like for your customers?

H3: Efficient Access to Information

With kiosks set up next to your key displays, customers can use this retail technology to look up important information about the items that pique their interest. They can find important technical information about your product, helping them to make an informed purchasing decision. The more informed they are, the less likely they are to return the product because it doesn’t meet their expectations.

You can advertise your discounts and sales encourage them to look at additional products for the one they came in looking for. Customers can also quickly find out what you have in stock and see what you have available in any of your other locations.

H3: Customizable Journey

Employing retail technology in this way empowers customers to take control of their shopping experience. They get to see more of the items they are interested in, making it less likely that they will lose interest and leave without making a purchase.

Once they have explored all that your interactive kiosks have to offer, your customers can checkout at their convenience without having to wait on a cashier to ring others out.

H2: Drive Revenue Higher with Retail Technology

The goal of deploying these big, beautiful screens throughout your business is to increase sales. And not only to increase sales but to do so in the most efficient way possible.

With that goal in mind, you need to look at some of the many possible ways interactive kiosks can increase revenue.

H3: Display Upcoming Events

Are you planning a big promotional event? You can promote it on your kiosks and increase the likelihood that your customers will see the event details and come back to check it out.

Do you have a big sale planned for that holiday next month? Make sure your current shoppers know they need to come back for specials.

Do your customers know about the benefits of your loyalty program? Interactive kiosks can inform them about it and answer all their questions. Get that hook in and entice them to keep coming back for more.

H3: Show Bundled Products

Bundling is a tried-and-true way of increasing sales. Advertising your bundles on your kiosks can help sell more products and increase average basket sizes. When your customers see that the product they want is part of a bundle, they are much more likely to grab the other item or two that would complete the package. Depending on the type of product being sold, you can advertise protection plans, or service plans with discounts for future service calls.


Strategic implementation of interactive kiosks in a retail environment can have a significant impact on customer behaviors and cart sizes. Retail technology can clearly help boost measurable metrics like items sold that have been advertised on the screens. But it can also improve your customers’ opinion of your business. This is more difficult to measure but can be just as profitable.

We have just barely scratched the surface of the benefits interactive kiosks can bring to your business. There are unlimited ways this retail technology can be deployed to boost sales and increase operating efficiency. Take the first step to learn more about these and other ways you can increase revenue with kiosks today.