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Icebox Cake

Sometimes you just want a quick and easy dessert without heating up the kitchen to bake, right? Icebox cake is a tried and true classic recipe that will be perfect to achieve that goal! If you’ve never tried an Icebox cake, you have to plan to make it this week! Seriously! The trick is that the cookies soften with time by the moisture of the other ingredients and they really taste like cake! Well, cake plus creamy and fruity deliciousness!


Any type of fruit can be used in this icebox cake. You can also add instant vanilla pudding in between the layers OR mix in some cream cheese if you’d like to take it up a notch. If you don’t have graham crackers, just substitute something like vanilla wafers or another sugary type of cookie. The end results will still be amazing, trust me! OR, if you are having more of a chocolate craving try my similar recipe for Chocolate Lasagna found here!

Icebox Cake

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