Enliven BCA Local Proud Bazaar, Bites by Gummyworld Presents Promos to Games with Prizes

KOMPAS.TV – Manufacturer of vitamins in the form of candy gummy the first in Indonesia, Bites by Gummyworld, also enlivened the Local Proud bazaar held by Bank Central Asia (BCA).

Through this event, Bites by Gummyworld wants to introduce vitamin products gummy to the general public, both children and adults.

Bites by Gummyworld also presents various special promos for visitors to the BCA Proud Local bazaar, such as promos bundling and purchase discounts of up to 15 percent.

To entertain the visitors, booth Bites by Gummyworld also provides games spin the wheel. Visitors have the opportunity to win various attractive prizes from Bites by Gummyworld.

For information, Bites by Gummyworld is a candy-shaped vitamin gummy low sugar. This vitamin candy is made from real fruit juice so it tastes naturally sweet.

carrying taglinePleasure with no feeling guilty on the side”, this vitamin candy can be a mainstay to meet daily nutritional needs in a fun way.

Gummyworld is available in more than ten flavors packaged in several variants gummy. There is non-sugar gummy vitamins, high end gummy candy, beverage gummy candy, vegan gummy, and others. The cute shape can make children interested in taking this vitamin.

Bites by Gummyworld flavor variant (Source: Doc. Gummyworld)

Equipped with multivitamin content which is rich in benefits, Bites by Gummyworld is also safe for consumption by all ages, and can be consumed every day.

Interestingly, Bites by Gummyworld is packed with standing pouch designed colorful thus giving a cheerful and fresh impression. The size of the packaging is also made travel size so this vitamin candy is easy to carry anywhere.

In addition, Bites by Gummyworld packaging comes with it metallized ziplock bag so that the packaging lid can be closed tightly again after opening.

If you are interested in trying out this unique vitamin candy, you can visit booth Bites by Gummyworld at the BCA BanggaLoca bazaar directly.

For information, the BCA BanggaLoca bazaar will be held for a full month, from 9 to 18 December 2022.

Bites by Gummyworld is also available on the website www.bitesconfectionery.com or e-commerce platforms, such as Shopee and Tokopedia. Visit the Instagram account @bitesofficial.id to get other interesting information about Bites by Gummyworld.