Emma Chamberlain Shop Closes After Fan Spots $10,000 DM Listing

Since Lilina’s tweet, Chamberlain’s online shop has been “under construction.” In a statement to BuzzFeed News following the publication of this story, Chamberlain’s representative called claims that she was selling DMs for $10,000 “false and inaccurate.” Her representative suggested that the post may have been part of testing and said that Chamberlain was never aware of it.

Celebrities and influencers charging fans for personalized messages isn’t anything new. Cameo, a site where anyone can buy a personalized video message from their favorite D-list celebrity, has been around for years. But the most expensive Cameo is $2,000 for a customized video message from Gurdeep Pandaherwhose dancing videos have gone viral.

Lilina told BuzzFeed News that at first she thought the $10,000 message for a sale on Chamberlain’s site was a typo. Lilina said she used to listen to Chamberlain’s podcast, Anything Goesbut doesn’t anymore because she didn’t find it relatable.

“Nothing was against him, but I’m a WOC working multiple jobs in grad school and I just got tired of someone who was very wealthy complaining about how hard their life is,”Salais said.

So after not listening to the podcast for about six months, Lilina googled it to see what she had missed. And that’s when she stumbled upon the online store’s page with the $10,000 DM.