Electronic City Presents Mobile Shop at Pantai Indah Kapuk

IPOL. ID – PT. Electronic City Indonesia, Tbk (Electronic City) started the beginning of the year by returning to sales activities through TOKO KELILING.

Wrapped in a Chinese New Year thematic decoration design, a car is designed with the concept of presenting various electronic goods according to consumer needs. In action this time, TOKO KELILING by Electronic City is present in Pantjoran, Pantai Indah Kapuk to be precise at the Entrance Pantjoran Extension on January 21-25 2023 from 10 am to finish, as well as being one of the choices of consumers to enjoy Chinese New Year celebrations this year .

SHOP KELILING by Electronic City has been around since 2016 with a very positive response from the local community. Apart from being eye-catching, TOKO KELILING offers more than 300 destinations at hundreds of points in Indonesia.

No need to worry because consumers can still enjoy a variety of 200 product options and various payment options. The products offered are quite diverse, ranging from gadgets (handphones, laptops, tablets) to small home appliances (air fryer, coffee machine, microwave, hair dryer) and many more.

“As a pioneer of modern electronic retail products in Indonesia, this idea emerged as well as being a refreshment for Electronic City consumers in getting closer to customers. In this way, it is expected to be able to contribute to sales which are planned to be carried out throughout the year on a regular basis,” said Josephine Sukmadewi Karjadi as Director of Marketing and Business Development.

Apart from that, he continued, customers can also enjoy a variety of interesting activities such as Prize Claws – consumers who shop without a minimum transaction will get the opportunity to play Prize Claws and take many benefits. Also, equipped with social media activity, you can get one free drink from Gong Cha, and many other fun things. (Ahmad)