Collaborating with the Indonesian National Team Apparel, Vindes Media Releases the First Jersey – Digital media company, Vindes Media, partnered with sportswear manufacturer, Mills, to produce the Vindes jersey for the 2022/2023 season. This jersey was previously introduced in the segment “Oven Parrot Month of the Ball Month” which was broadcast on the Vindes YouTube channel, Sunday (18/12/2022).

For information, the Vindes X Mills jersey was launched to celebrate the 2022 Qatar World Cup and the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) championship which will be followed by the Under 20 (U-20) World Cup in mid-2023.

Vindes Media Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vincent Rompies said the launch of the jersey aims to enliven the football event while supporting quality local products.

“As a media that has held four sporting events through the program sporty Vindes Sport, of course Vindes Media is proud to be collaborating with Mills who is also apparel official Indonesian National Team (Timnas). This is also the first time for Mills to work with the media,” Vincent said in a press release received by, Thursday (12/1/2023).

-Dock. Vindes Media

Vindes X Mills jersey comes in two design options, namely costumes home green and away White. These two colors were chosen because they represent coolness and purity. Vindes Media also installed a gold Vindes FC logo which symbolizes luxury and prosperity.

In addition, the collection is also given a touch of pink to symbolize Vindes Media’s cheerful, vibrant and youthful character. Pink itself is the identity color and logo of the Vindes Media corporation.

Meanwhile, Deddy Mahendra Desta alias Desta who also serves as CEO of Vindes Media said the jersey design was inspired by the character vintage 1990s. According to him, thanks to the unique design and fashionable, This jersey can be used for various activities, from exercising to hangouts.

“Design jersey in accordance with the full character of Vindes Media gimmick,” Desta explained.

Apart from that color eye catchingThe jersey material is made of 100 percent polyester so it is cool and comfortable to wear. The Vindes X Mills jersey is available in 5 sizes, from S to 5XL and can be purchased directly at official e-commerce Vindes Store and Mills.