Cha-ching! Shopify merchants break Black Friday records with $3.36 billion in sales

As a global provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce, Shopify announced a record-setting Black Friday with sales of $3.36* billions from the start of Black Friday in New Zealand through the end of Black Friday in California. This marks a 17% increase in sales over Black Friday in 2021 (19% on a constant currency basis).

At its peak, merchants on Shopify saw sales of $3.5 million per minute at 12:01PM EST on Black Friday, collectively.

“Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday has grown into a full-on shopping season. The weekend that started it all is still one of the biggest commerce events of the year, and our merchants have broken Black Friday sales records again,” said Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify. “Our merchants have built beloved brands with loyal communities that support them. This weekend, we’re celebrating the incredible power of entrepreneurship on a global stage.”

2022 Black Friday Global Highlights

  • Peak sales per minute: $3.5 million USD on Black Friday at 12:01PM EST
  • Top selling countries and cities where shoppers made purchases from: United States, United Kingdom and Canada, with the top-selling cities on Black Friday including London, New York, and Los Angeles
  • Top product categories: Apparel & accessories, followed by health & beauty, and home & garden, with trending products including Snocks GmbH (Boxershorts), rode (peptide glazing fluid), and Brooklinen (Luxe Core Sheet Set)**
  • Average cart price: $102.31 USD or $105.10 USD on a constant currency basis
  • 15%: Cross-border orders worldwide on Black Friday as a percentage of total orders
  • 27%: Growth in POS sales made by Shopify merchants globally over last year’s Black Friday

visit to view Shopify’s annual Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday Live Globewhich captures the impact Shopify-powered stores have across the globe.

*Shopify’s 2022 Black Friday data is based on sales by Shopify merchants around the world from November 24th 11:00 UTC to November 26th 8:00 UTC.

**Shopify’s Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday Shopping Index is a proprietary index that provides a unique look at what’s trending during this busy shopping season based on orders, products added-to-cart, and pageviews across Shopify’s merchants.

All data presented here (including worldwide sales) is approximate and is based on various assumptions. All data is unaudited and is subject to adjustment. All financial figures are in USD. Data represents online and offline sales made by Shopify’s global merchants.