All Pokemon Go promo codes for April 2023: How to get free items

Published: 2023-04-18T07:00:00

Updated: 2023-04-18T14:28:09

Pokemon Go has hundreds of ‘mons to catch and battle, but it’s easy to run out of items like Poke Balls and Berries, which is where Pokemon Go codes come in handy to give you some freebies. If you’re looking for details on how to redeem Pokemon Go codes, here’s everything you need to know.

Some Trainers might not be aware that claiming free promo codes in Pokemon Go can actually give you some really cool stuff. Unfortunately, free codes for the game are hard to come by, but Niantic will sometimes share them on their Twitter account.

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The Niantic website says the following: “Niantic offers a limited supply of one-time use codes in conjunction with special events or sponsored partnerships.”

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Updated April 18, 2023, to check for new codes. No new codes were found.


Are there any active Pokemon Go promo codes (April 2023)?

As of April 18, 2023, there are currently no active codes in Pokemon Go.

A code was shared to celebrate the launch of the Pokemon Go UK Twitter account on April 12, 2023, but it looks like it’s already expired. It’s 3ZQZD2H6BBVT4 if you want to give it a try.

Be sure to check back often for information on the latest code drops, or head over to our Pokemon Go Prime Gaming hub to see if there are any rewards to be claimed through the service.

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The in-game Pokemon Go shop also has some free Daily Boxes that you’re able to claim to make your life a little easier, providing you with handy rewards to utilize in filling up your Pokedex.

An image of the Ed Sheeran promo code item in Pokemon GoNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Players were previously able to redeem an avatar item as part of the Pokemon Go and Ed Sheeran collaboration!

Pokemon Go free coins codes

At the moment, there are no codes that are redeemable for free coins within the app. As soon as new ones become available, we’ll update you here with everything you need to know.

Full list of expired codes in 2023

If you’ve missed out on your chance to grab some of the free items for Pokemon Go, but still want to see what was offered, check out our list below.

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Some codes in our expired list state that “this offer code is not available for your redemption (already redeemed or belonging to another account)” upon trying to claim them on the redemption site, and for this reason, they have been moved to the following table:

Where to enter promo codes via the Pokemon Go app on Android and iOS

Finding out where to enter codes isn’t as easy as you’d think, but if you’re using an Androids mobile device it’s a relatively simple process. All you need to do is:

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  1. Open the Pokémon Go app.
  2. Tap the menu button (the PokeBalls icons).
  3. tap ‘shop‘.
  4. Swipe to the bottom. There, you’ll find a space to enter the code and get your items.

unfortunately, iOS doesn’t have this option. That means iPhone users will need to redeem any codes through a web browser.

Pokémon Go Android Promo CodeYou can enter Pokemon Go promo codes on Android devices but not on iOS.

How to enter promo code via web browser

To redeem codes on an iPhonesyou’ll first need to visit the official Niantic Offer Redemption website. You’ll be given three options to log in with – Google, Facebook, or Niantic Kids.

The credentials will be the same as the ones you use to log in to the Pokemon Go app. The next page to load will allow you to enter the promo code and, if accepted, a message will display telling you the items have been added to your inventory.

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Pokemon Go Redeem Code Web BrowserNiantic

Pokemon Trainer Club isn’t one of the ways you can log in to redeem a Pokemon Go promo code. You’ll need to sign in with Google, Facebook, or Niantic Kids.

However, there isn’t an option to log in with the Pokemon Trainer Club. This means iPhone users who only have a Pokemon Trainer Club credential aren’t currently able to redeem any codes.

Luckily, you can link your Pokemon Go account with Google and Facebook and resolve this problem easily. If you were to get lost your login or get hacked, both options have two-factor authentication for security.

So, there you have it. All you need to know about the active promo codes in Pokemon Go for April 2023.

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