9 places to get birth control online 2023

Buying birth control online can be discreet and convenient, especially for teenagers or those who cannot access in-person appointments. However, people will still need a prescription to buy birth control online.

Birth control is available to purchase online. This may be convenient for many people who want to use a discreet and convenient service, such as those who do not have access to healthcare clinics or other healthcare centers.

Many providers ship birth control in unmarked packaging, which may be an advantage for teenagers and others who would prefer their households not to know they take birth control.

However, people will need a prescription from a healthcare professional before they can order birth control. Many telehealth platforms offer consultation with a doctor who can then prescribe a suitable form of birth control.

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Best variety of birth control options: Nurx

  • Prices: from $15
  • Birth control options: pills, shot, ring, and patch
  • Accepts insurance: yes
  • Shipping: free

Nurx offers a variety of birth control options that can suit most people’s needs, including those who need long-term or one-off contraception.

People do need a prescription to purchase birth control from Nurx. If a person does not have a valid prescription, the company offers a virtual consultation for $20. This may be significantly cheaper than paying for a doctor’s appointment.

Nurx accepts insurance, so people with insurance may be able to get birth control for free. Without it, birth control options start at $15.

Before ordering from Nurx, the company requires people to take a medical questionnaire. People with and without valid prescriptions will need to fill out the form. Once the company reviews and approves the form, individuals can order a single delivery or sign up for automatic refills.

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Best range of birth control pills: Hers

  • Prices: from $12 per month
  • Birth control options: pills
  • Accepts insurance: no
  • Shipping: free

Hers offers a selection of birth control pills, which may benefit those who prefer contraception that they can choose to stop taking at any time.

While plans start at $12 per month, making this option a more affordable one for many, Hers does not accept insurance.

People who would prefer not to use their or their family’s health insurance plans may consider this an advantage, but those who want to use their insurance may go through other retailers.

Like most online telehealth platforms, Hers requires a doctor to review a health questionnaire to approve a person’s request for birth control.

Once a doctor has approved the form, people can order one or more months of pills. The company also offers recurring refills, which may be more convenient for those who plan to take the pill for a longer period of time.

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Best for over 18s: Lemonade

  • Prices: from $15
  • Birth control options: pills
  • Accepts insurance: no
  • Shipping: free

Lemonaid only offers birth control pills in a 3-month supply. Prices start from $15 per pack, in addition to a mandatory yearly consultation that costs $25.

Using the starting cost of Lemonaid’s birth control, people can expect to pay around $205 per year if they use this service. This may be cheaper than paying for a doctor’s appointment and filling out a script in a pharmacy.

While Lemonaid only uses cash-pay mail-order pharmacies, if a person has insurance, they can ask the company to send their prescription to their local pharmacy.

Lemonaid may be suitable for people who prefer not to use their family health insurance. However, the company requires them to be at least 18 years old to use its services. Teens who would rather their family not know they are on birth control may wish to seek out other retailers.

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Lemonaid sends the pills directly to a person’s home within 3–4 days of approving an order.

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Best for convenient renewals: SimpleHealth

  • Prices: from $15 per month
  • Birth control options: ring, patch, and pills
  • Accepts insurance: yes
  • Shipping: free

SimpleHealth provides birth control with automatic renewals every 3 months. This company may be a suitable option for those expecting to remain on birth control for a longer time.

Like other telehealth companies, SimpleHealth requires a medical consultation before allowing people to purchase birth control. One-consultation costs $20.

Another benefit of using SimpleHealth is that the company provides guides about birth control and fertility. This may be useful for people with limited sexual health education.

SimpleHealth accepts insurance, so those with it may not need to pay for their birth control. Without insurance, birth control starts at $15.

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Best for emergency contraception: Wisp

  • Prices: from $5 per month
  • Birth control options: pills
  • Accepts insurance: no
  • Shipping: free

Wisp sells several medications online, including various types of birth control pills, plus emergency birth control pills.

This service may be beneficial for people who need a discrete and fast way of accessing emergency contraception. However, it does not accept insurance.

Birth control pills start from $5 per month, while emergency contraception starts from $17 per pill. The company does not charge an online consultation fee.

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However, Wisp does not sell the ring, patch, or shot. People who would prefer other forms of birth control should opt for a different retailer.

People can pick up their birth control at their local pharmacy, which may benefit those needing urgent medication, such as emergency contraception. Wiso also ships directly to a person’s house and offers automatic refills.

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Best for brand-name and generic options: Pandia Health

  • Prices: from $7
  • Birth control options: pills, patches, and rings
  • Accepts insurance: yes
  • Shipping: free

Pandia Health offers almost all generic and brand-name birth control pills, patches, and rings. Buying generic can save people money, with prices starting from $15.

While some of these products have insurance coverage, not all do. People who wish to use their insurance should check before ordering.

Like all reputable telehealth companies, Pandia Health requires an active prescription before allowing people to buy birth control. If a person already has a prescription, they can simply transfer it to the company. Those who do not can pay a one-time fee of $25 and fill out a health form. A doctor will review the form and write a prescription if appropriate.

Pandia Health ships orders free of charge.

Best advocate for accessible healthcare: The Pill Club

  • Prices: from $8.95 per month
  • Birth control options: pills and rings
  • Accepts insurance: yes
  • Shipping: free

The Pill Club sells more than 100 brands of birth control pills and vaginal rings, giving people a wider range of choices.

The Pill Club also accepts insurance, meaning those with coverage may be able to receive birth control for free. For those without insurance, the cost starts at $8.95 per month.

People will need to fill out a form that the company’s medical team reviews before issuing a prescription. Those who use this service have access to ongoing care from the service’s medical team.

The Pill Club also offers information on preventing a policyholder from knowing that people on their insurance are purchasing birth control. This may be vital information for those who wish to be discreet about their birth control use.

Additionally, the company states it is dedicated to helping people access birth control and healthcare safely. It donates emergency contraception to organizations in Texas and to organizations that help people from lower income households access birth control.

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Best for teens: Twentyeight Health

  • Prices: from $16 per pack
  • Birth control options: pills, patches, rings, shots, and internal condoms
  • Accepts insurance: yes
  • Shipping: free

Twentyeight Health offers over 100 brands of birth control. Options include pills, patches, rings, shots, and emergency contraception.

The pill starts at $18 per pack, with other birth control options starting from $126. People who have insurance can receive internal condoms with no copay over $0 when purchasing other birth control methods.

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The company says that its services are suitable for people aged 13–49 years, making it one of the few companies that offer birth control to younger teens.

As with most companies, people must fill out an online questionnaire before they can call or message Twentyeight’s doctors directly. There is a $26 annual fee for ongoing care.

The company states its shipping is free and discrete, taking around 5 business days. However, Twentyeight only ships to 32 states.

Best for delivery across the US: Optum Store

  • Price: starting at $10 per month
  • Birth control options: pills, patches, rings, and gel
  • Accepts insurance: yes
  • shipping: free

Optum Store offers over 32 brands of birth control, including Nuvaring, Phexxi, and Zafemy.

Optum Store offers access to a free initial online consultation with a doctor in a person’s state who can prescribe birth control if necessary. The initial consultation includes an online questionnaire people can complete in around 15 minutes.

Healthcare professionals will review the questionnaire and contact the person within 24 hours. Any follow-up consultations cost $15. Doctors will approve or reject a person’s prescription in no more than 2 business days.

While the Optum Store currently only accepts OptumRX insurance, all birth control is HSA and FSA-eligible and starts from $10 per month.

Optum Store ships to all 50 states and US territories.

Here we answer some common questions about birth control online.

Do you have to go to a gynecologist for birth control?

No, a person does not necessarily need to visit a gynecologist. Most online birth control providers require some type of medical consultation, but this tends to involve filling out an online form.

Several online companies, such as Hers and Lemonaid, can provide prescription services in every US state. In some states, people considered minors can use online services to purchase birth control and get a prescription for it without restrictions. It is important to check local legislation, which a person can do here.

It is a good idea to bring any questions about birth control to a healthcare professional and have annual health visits. At these, a doctor can provide preventive care and testing to help maintain a person’s overall health.

Are birth control pills available over the counter?

In the US, birth control pills are available by prescription only. A person either needs to visit a doctor or use an online service to get a prescription before ordering.

Is it safe to get birth control online?

Ordering birth control online can be safe, effective, and private. It can also be convenient, as some companies send automatic refills.

Before making an order, a person may wish to check reviews on third-party sites. If the company does not seem reliable or safe, they may wish to shop elsewhere.

Can I get free birth control online?

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans must cover FDA-approved birth control. These include:

However, insurance does not have to cover medications that can cause abortions or male sterilization procedures, such as vasectomies.

People may be able to access free birth control from nonprofit family planning centers or public health clinics. These places usually require an in-person visit.

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